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K2r Drycleaning Powder Spray

Monday, November 20th, 2006

Another popular product that disappeared a few months ago was K2r, the powder dry-cleaning spray. Well it appears that the demise was due to a licencing problem which has now been resolved. Needless to say the price has gone up a bit to £3.90 for 100ml but there it is. I don’t remember it having to come all the way from Switzerland either!

Flash Powder

Friday, November 10th, 2006

Killit BamWell, after a couple of stutters, it seems that Flash powder (beloved by generations of floor cleaners) has disappeared. We have replaced it with Kill-it Bam Multipurpose Degreaser (£1.40 for 350g) and customers seem to be happy. It is produced by Astonish, a company we have respect for not least because they do not test on animals. I guess it is also a tongue-in-cheek competitor to a similarly named product. You know the one I mean: Heavily advertised on TV where the presenter shouts at you to try the product. Like Cleese on steroids.