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Briwax in receivership

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

Bollom Ltd., the makers of Briwax furniture and floor polish has gone into receivership. I am always sorry when an old established, respected firm like this fails. It has been around since 1860 and has a Royal Warrant. It deserves to find a new owner and I wish it well.

Briwax was much favoured by the furniture and antique trade. I suspect this was because it was solvent based and therefore quick to use. I believe they were under ‘Elf ‘n Safety pressure to remove the toluene solvent and had in fact produced a solvent-free range which I don’t think gained market acceptance.

Alternatives? Well we stock the Liberon range of hard waxes in different colours. They are not solvent based and, with hard work, give a very good finish. Antiquax make a range of solvent-free hard waxes but not in any range of colours.

Dylon Machine Dye

Sunday, November 4th, 2007

As I predicted, Dylon have started changing their product range. The machine dyes have been reduced from 32 to 24 shades and the eminently sensible numbering system has been replaced by exotic colour descriptions. The have not yet changed their own website to reflect the new range and I was told on the phone that “marketing (department) did not think it was a priority”. Harrumph!

Here are the changes:

2 Lilac now French Lavender
3 Lime now Tropical Green
5 Sunflower now Sunflower Yellow
6 Light Blue now China Blue
7 Baby Pink now Powder Pink
8 Navy Navy now Blue
9 Dark Green now Dark Green
10 Beige now Pebble Beige
11 Dark Brown now Dark Brown
12 Black now Velvet Black
17 Chocolate now Woodland Brown
21 Turquoise now Bahama Blue
26 Royal Blue now Ocean Blue
29 Deep Pink now Flamingo Pink
30 Deep Violet now Intense Violet
34 Olive Green now Olive Green
35 Terracotta now Terracotta Brown
36 Cherry Red now Tulip Red
41 Jeans Blue now Jeans Blue
51 Burgundy now Burlesque Red
55 Burnt Orange now Goldfish Orange
59 Green now Amazon Green
64 Rosewood Rosewood Red
80 Grey now Antique Grey