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Kitchen Devils Household Scissors

Monday, February 25th, 2008

Fiskars have just repackaged their excellent Kitchen Devils household (and kitchen) scissors (each priced £6.50). The old packaging measured 270×90mm (10.5×3.5in). The new packaging is 310×125mm (12×5in). The product inside remains the same.

What part of “We Want LESS PACKAGING” do these marketing guys not understand? The only company we deal with that I feel makes a conscious effort to reduce packaging is Draper Tools. Some of their stuff is really getting quite clever.

Milliput Epoxy Putty – Black

Saturday, February 23rd, 2008

The new Milliput Colour is black.

Milliput, the two-part epoxy putty, is now available in black (£4.45). This is in addition to standard (a sort of tan colour)(£2.40), Superfine white for china repairs (£4.55), silver-grey used by modellers (£3.95) and terracotta for repairing garden pots (£3.30). The size is 112g (4oz) in each case. Milliput adheres to and will seal or bond to (amongst others) ceramics, wood, plastics, glass, metals and cement . It can be sculpted and when set can be turned, sawn, drilled, tapered, filed, sandpapered and painted.