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Vacuvin Winesaver

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

The nanny state is admonishing the middle classes for drinking too much. When they started these stories, I racked my brains to try and work out which planet they were coming from. The angle, I guess, is to pre-announce (don’t you just love that nonsense word) an increase in duty on wine in the forthcoming budget.

Anyway, their solution was to suggest that winemakers re-introduce the once popular half-bottle so that those without self-control are not tempted to flatten the whole bottle in one sitting. Perhaps they could introduce them in the Houses of Parliament bars first (we after all subsidise them to a truly disgraceful degree so should feel free to use them as a guinea-pig).

Another solution is to use the excellent Vacuvin Winesaver (£6.95), an air pump that evacuates air from a half-filled (or half-empty depending on your viewpoint) bottle. It does this through a clever one-way rubber valve and allows an opened bottle of wine to stay fresh for the best part of a week. You can also buy spare rubber valves (£2.55 for 2) so that one Winesaver can be used on any number of bottles. They are very well made in the Netherlands. There are cheaper copies but they don’t work as well.

The company also makes an excellent pineapple slicer for cutting pineapple rings and leaving the empty pineapples used in cocktails and exotic starters.