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Traditional Beeswax Polish

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

Beeswax PolishWe have already mentioned the demise of Stephenson’s Olde English Furniture Cream and offered an alternative. We have now found a second alternative that even smells the same as Olde English! Traditional Beeswax Furniture Polish comes in two sizes: 283g (£7.45) and 142g (£4.25). It’s inflammable so can’t be sent through the post.

Cascamite etc.

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

PolymiteMany will remember Cascamite, a powdered resin glue much favoured by boat-builders (both real and model). It was popular because it was waterproof and gap filling.

Some time ago it was taken into the Humbrol fold. Yet later it was renamed Extramite due to some conflict over the ownership of the name. After Humbrol went into liquidation, I was told that they had never made the product anyway and that it was still being made by Polyvine under the name Polymite.

So here it is! We have 220g tins selling for £5.95 although other sizes are available.

Everbuild makes a similar product which we also stock. Its is called Resintite and sells for £4.95 for 500g.