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Price Increases

Sunday, December 14th, 2008

You wonder about the financial acumen of our political masters who did not foresee the current problems. Their claims that inflation will drop in the new year should be treated with equal caution. A collapsing currency and engineered reliance on imports means that this, quite simply, can not happen.

We have just had an email from one of our largest wholesalers who lists the proposed increases from 80-odd of their suppliers. I have turned this into the attached graph. The caveat is that while it lists percentages, it does not list relative importance. For example, the 8% increase proposed by Cuprinol will have far greater effect than the 15% increase by esteemed US hammer maker Estwing.

The fact is that the government will lie about anything, be it knife crime or inflation, in order to gain advantage.

With the amount of money we pay in taxes we deserve better.

Proposed increases