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Battery Recycling

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Well at long last a system has arrived which makes the task of recycling batteries easier. We now accept all common batteries on an exchange basis (i.e. against a sale) and send them away for recycling. I just wonder why it took so long to get a system up and running.

We also do our best to make sure our own waste cardboard ends up being recycled rather than in landfill. Our normal waste contractor says he cannot offer a separate ‘recycling’ stream because he would have to take it all the way to Dartford and this is obviously uneconomical. What the government says to encourage recycling and what it does are not necessarily the same thing.

Lowndes Park

Monday, September 21st, 2009

We received a glossy promotion from the Town Council in which it was stated that Lowndes Park is ‘owned’ by Chesham Town Council. I am not sure this is true and suspect that Town Council ‘owns’ very little apart perhaps from a few paper-clips.

If I remember correctly, the park was given to the ‘people of Chesham’. They pay a not-inconsiderable sum to have the Town Council manage the park. This is not the first time such claims have been made and I fear the Town Council is using a favoured trick of the politician: if you say something often enough, it becomes the truth.

The park is of great value to Chesham in the same way that the open space in front of the Royal Crescent in Bath is of importance to the crescent itself. The crescent is quite simply unremarkable (particularly as a world heritage site) and is easily equalled by other crescents in cities throughout the land (even in Bath itself). What sets it apart is the open space in front of it.

Just as no-one in their right mind would put children’s playgrounds and skateboard-ramps on the semi-circle in front of the Royal Crescent, so they should treat the further ‘development’ of Lowndes Park with consideration and respect.

Mobile Roadblock

Monday, September 21st, 2009

At 8 o’clock this morning (and not for the first time), Station Road in Amersham was effectively blocked by a refuse removal truck as it wended its painfully slow passage up the hill.

Are the powers-that-be in the refuse collection world really so gormless that they cannot arrange a route which keeps these trucks off A-roads when people are trying to get to work?

Pearce Hardware?

Sunday, September 6th, 2009

I have been following the newspaper reports about people going around with marker pens and installing missing apostrophes on new road signs. Changing “St. Johns Close” to “St John’s Close” for example.

Well the sad fact is that Pearces Hardware has been ‘Pearces Hardware’ since it started in 1938. Rightly or wrongly. Sadly some drunken yobs (I suspect having been vomited from the Global CafĂ© Bar at closing time – thanks heavens that place has folded) took umbrage and pulled down the s of Pearces so now the sign reads ‘Pearce Hardware’. I say sad because the sign was quite elaborate and made from cut and moulded plexiglass in 1984. I retrieved most of the bits from the street the next morning  but it will never look the same again. As with most yobbishness, it just seems such a waste.

My message? The English language always has changed and thankfully always will. If it hadn’t then we would all still be thee-ing and thou-ing. Latin was a rigorously defined mathematical language and look how far that got it!

Worpdress Blog upgraded

Sunday, September 6th, 2009

A vulnerability which affects the blog (nothing that can harm you, the viewer!) has been found in the blog software. I have upgraded to the latest version and things seem to be ok apart from a funny colour on the border.

I have actually been meaning to upgrade for a long time: nothing like a scare to give you a kick in the butt!