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Cuprinol Shed and Fence

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Well that’s what everyone including me calls it. That was until I got an annoyed phone call from a customer that the Shed and Fence he had just used was not the same as that which he had used last year (most use this stuff but once a year). He had phoned Cuprinol and they had agreed: the Shed and Fence he was using was in no way comparable the the Shed and Fence he used last year. They explained (to him) that they were under EU (them again!) pressure to reduce the volatile content and that the change had resulted in a name change from “Shed and Fence Preserver” to “Shed and Fence Protector”. The new version did not preserve the wood at all but merely introduced soluble waxes to act as a water repellent.

I am a sensitive flower and don’t like being accused of giving incorrect advice. I phoned Cuprinol myself and told them that to continue to use the universally accepted name “Shed and Fence” on two completely different products was daft. Their attitude was that the change from “preserver” to “protector” was enough to distinguish the product. Their claim to me was that they had removed the biocide from the product and so could no longer continue to call it a preserver so it sounds more like a problem with DEFRA registration than with volatile content.

I pointed out that I was buying from my wholesaler using the same codes as I had always done and that the continued use of the words “Shed and Fence” amounted, at least in part, to deception. My complaint was met with some petulance.

We expect this kind of thing from politicians. Fortunately I don’t have to take it from manufacturers and will now concentrate on the Barrettine range of wood preservers which I have, for many years, advised as being much better value than their Cuprinol equivalent. They are now also a better product as well. I have phoned Barrettine and they confirm that they have no intention of removing the Biocide from their range of Premier Wood preservers.